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    Unsure about correct design choice for binary break in Camera API

    Hi all,

    I've just tried to run my Camera Application on the 6220 classic (3rd FP2) and it did not work. So I stumbled over this:


    They changed the AF functionality which was provided via a plugin in 3rd and 3rd FP1. I've got to reimplement parts of my code now for FP2, and I'll have to reimplement a part again on 5th edition as it seems. Now, I'd really really like to have only ONE application sis for all phones to enable easy updates and not to manage more than 1 target config. So is it possible to

    - develop and compile with the FP2 SDK and deploy on a FP1 device?
    - include both plugins (the old camautofocus.lib and the new ecamadvancedsettings.lib) and decide in code which plugin to use (probably the one where the functions don't fail :)

    If so, I'd simply include both libs, compile for FP2, check if new AF fails and if so use old AF. Can I go about it like that? If not, can I include both libs and compile with the 3rd edition MR kit?

    What do I have to do, when 5th edition devices hit?

    thanks to all of you!


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    Re: Unsure about correct design choice for binary break in Camera API

    I would either use an ECOM object or a polymorpic DLL that has a wrapper class for the camera.

    I would then build a DLL for each platform, but they have the same name.

    In your pkg file, have all three dll's but only install the correct dll based on the device platform.
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