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    Create a link on Mobile screen

    Hi All

    i am new to J2me language, and want to create a screen on Nokia phone using J2me.

    I want to give one link to Mobile screen, and once its clicked the phone should download the another page from web.

    Can some body please tell me , how to proceed

    If any body can provide some links or sample code than that will be great.


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    You can follow like this -
    @First Draw the image..that you are talking about..
    @Then you can easily draw the string lets say -
    "To move forward click here"
    @Declare one int var called as currSelection = 0;
    @On the up/down keypressed increase/decrease the var by one..
    @If currSelection = 1 and Fire key pressed is true then call that url .I guess you know how to call the same..
    you can use plateformRequest(url);

    Also mark that you can set the different font or color when the currSelection is 1(That means you have to call url),in order to show that the string is self explanatory..

    Hope this make sense,
    Thanks with Regards,

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