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    Wink [Moved] Phone intelligence

    Hey folks!

    I recently did a lot of research regarding location based services. Especially the intelligent part of it excites me the most. I found a very interesting part of it. Namely the intelligent advice. Ill explain what i mean with a simple example like colleague explained to me:

    Toni, a few weeks back, liked restaurant "A".. the device looks for other users that also liked restaurant "A".. and search for restaurants that these users are recommending on Toni's current geographical location.. (these other users could be subscribers to the same network provider or social-networking websites for example).

    There are so many ways in order to use this technology, if it works. I mean think of it: I dont like visiting landmarks... I prefer getting to know a city by the view of a local, which would indicate --> doesnt like to visit all churches in town, doesnt want to go in the typical restaurant "tourist trap", so my phone recommends me cool places where others that dont like these either, have been to (and liked em).

    Are there any people around here, who have done some programming or have had some ideas to come around with this topic? Or does anyone here know some that might be able to help me? Are there some communities out there, which center around such topics?


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    Re: Phone intelligence

    I suggest you to visit the saperate forum for location based services. You wil get quick response there
    Jajal Mehul

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    Re: Phone intelligence


    Could someone be so kind and move my topic there? Or shall i create a new one in the other board?

    thanks in advance!

    Alright thanks for moving my topic! Any1 here that want to help me on my topic?
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    Re: [Moved] Phone intelligence

    I'm afraid I don't understand what your questions is? What you describe is doable but I can't think of any such existing solution (that does not mean that it does not exist).

    S60 enables the development of such application so you could start developing it already.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: [Moved] Phone intelligence

    well basically i am involved in a project at my university, where we did a lot of research regarding location based services (n=600). We could identify a lot of uncovered needs of which we will investigate three of them further. Those are:

    1)Need for communication with – and exchange of Information between people with similar interests (social geo networking, twitter, etc)
    2)Need for Intelligent services with reference to GIS (clever calendar, reminders, restaurant and other advice giving software)
    3)Need for Integration of location based Information in one’s spare time (sports, virtual reality)

    As i can see this community yields a lot of potential in these fields. What do you think? Problems? Development? Needs?

    The final goal of all my research is, that we are conducting a Workshop, where we bring all those users together for an exchange of ideas and thoughts with like minded people.

    The idea i was talking about in my first post, is one of many things, that users would like to see in the future!

    Cant wait to see your reactions and hope to be able to start an active discussion. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me!

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