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    API for remote control of toolkit?

    Posted by Rodolfo Fernandez, rodolfo@clickmarks.com
    on January 18, 2001 at 21:15

    Is there any sort of API for controlling the Nokia WAP Toolkit from a separate application? (Java RMI support perhaps?)

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    RE: API for remote control of toolkit?

    Posted by WAP Toolkit Team, info.wapbrowser@nokia.com
    on January 20, 2001 at 00:30

    There is some simple RMI support in the latest version of the toolkit (that is, 2.1). If this version isn't on the Web site yet, it will be there in a few days (next week perhaps).

    The only thing you can do via RMI is to simulate the effect of typing in something in the "Location" field, i.e. open some content (local or remote) or start/stop server simulator. Or pop up the about
    box. Of course this stuff is subject to change, undocumented, unsupported, etc.

    A few more bits of information on the subject:

    The (only) RMI interface is com.nokia.wap.sdk.RemoteToolkit

    with the only method public void performCommand(String [] args)

    only the first element of the args array is used, other elements are ignored.

    However, the tricky part is to determine the RMI registry port. Unfortunately (for you) it's not fixed. There are good reasons for that. The range is from 1100 (inclusive) to 5000 (exclusive).
    The distribution is quite random.

    There's a native DLL toolsup.dll that gets the port number from shared memory (the call that ends with getToolkitPort). However, the
    native class that uses it is private, and even the interface it implements is private in com.nokia.wap.sdk.Toolkit

    So... do you still want to use it? The easiest workaround that I can see is to try each and every possible port number. Other methods
    would require some hacking.

    Sorry, exporting RMI interface was not a requirement. It's actually a side effect of implementing other functionality.

    Could you give us more information why you would need RMI access to the toolkit? If it feels like a good use of the toolkit, we may consider exporting and documenting this remote interface in the next release of the toolkit. And perhaps even extend it to make it more useful.

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