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    Is that N7710 SDK avaliable on

    Is that N7710 SDK avaliable on Forum nokia website can b used for CARBIDE v1.3.
    Pls tell this
    file name:Nokia_7710_SDK_for_symbian_OS_MSB

    in release notes it is mentioned that
    "This SDK supports Microsoft Visual
    Studio .NET 2003 C++ and Borland C++BuilderX Mobile Edition 1.5

    When tried i could not begin to start the application bcoz sdk is not found after the installation of the sdk.
    I worked on s60 2.x,3.x.
    I removed n installed sdk s90 but there is a problem.
    could any one plz guide me.

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    Re: Is that N7710 SDK avaliable on

    Since the Series 90 is discontinued, and the device is rather old already, it could be that newest tools are not supporting the SDK anymore, thus you should use the IDE defined in the release notes.

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    Re: Is that N7710 SDK avaliable on

    Indeed, the Carbide tools family uses the Nokia C/C++ Compiler while the *_MSB SDK does not support this compiler.

    However, there should be an SDK version supporting CodeWarrior and that SDK would also work with Carbide. For some reasons however the SDK is missing from the web site. We will try to fix this after the maintenance break next week.

    Btw, the name of the phone is Nokia 7710, there is no N-series N7710 as of now ;)
    -- Lucian

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