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    Unhappy Ensymble py2sis - Simbian Signe Online - unsigned sis file

    hope that someone can help me! I'm using Python for Series S60 and i'm trying to make an installation package both for an e71 and an N95.

    i've a "myfolder" in which i've put both the default.py file and the application folder "appFolder". I've used py2sis of Ensymble in this way:

    ensymble.py py2sis --uid=0xe0000011 --appname=MyApp --version=2.0.0 --lang=EN --caption="My Application" --drive=C myfolder App_UNSIGNED.sis
    then I've done the normal procedure of symbian signed online but after the confirmation email, in the second email wa written:

    "Your application (App_UNSIGNED.sis) signing has failed. This may be because it has been flagged as a potential virus by our scanning or because the format of your sis file is incorrect or corrupt. Please try re-building your .sis file and re-submitting."

    I've tried other times... but I cannot figure out what's wrong in my procedure!!! Is there anyone that can help me???

    The procedure with Ensymble does not create an unsigned sis file because If no certificate and its private key are given, Ensymble uses a default self-signed certificate. How can I create an unsigned sis file using ensymble?

    Hope someone can find a solution very soon
    thank you

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    Re: Ensymble py2sis - Simbian Signe Online - unsigned sis file

    Quote Originally Posted by Chiara81000 View Post
    How can I create an unsigned sis file using ensymble?
    There is no way to do that, currently.

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    Re: Ensymble py2sis - Simbian Signe Online - unsigned sis file

    Remove the signature with
    signsis -u <sis>

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