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    Question RDA - Reservation issue

    Hello blood,
    I believe there's an issue in the reservation system.
    I'm trying to reserve the Nokia 5800 with IMEI: 354182020021919 from
    Fri, Nov 21, 16:00
    Fri, Nov 21, 17:00
    but I get this error message as soon as I click on the 16:00 box.
    "Next reservation starting at Mon, Nov 24, 10:30. Minimum reservation time is 30 minutes."

    Just want to let you know.

    I reserved another 5800 without any problems.

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    Re: Questionnaire about RDA devices / firmware versions


    yeah, thanks for the notice. This is a bug in the reservation system logic that seems to recently appear every now and then. I've fixed it for now and when we do the next system update (hopefully in a week or two) this error along with some others will dissappear for good.

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