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    CX509Certificate::NewL Error


    I Have A Problem With Creating Cx509Certificate Object.

    When I Am Creating Cx509Certificate Object My Application Is Closd With The Error KERN-Exec 0 Error.

    We Need a Certificate To Create This Object.

    Where We Can Get This Certifiacte?

    What Is The Format Of This Certificate?

    How To Load It Into The Buffer?

    Please Help Me
    I Am Struck With This

    Thanks And Regards,

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    Re: CX509Certificate::NewL Error

    "KERN-Exec 0" is usually associated with R-Classes and trying to use them before opening/connecting them properly.

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    Re: CX509Certificate::NewL Error

    when i am Creating The Object I Got This Error.
    May Be I Didn't Give The Proper Cerificate To It.

    But I Dont't Know How To get The Certificate

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