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    moving WAP to GPRS

    How can an application developer can best make use of GPRS? If I already have a WAP application developed for WAP over GSM, are there any WML/WMLScript characteristics that should be adjusted/re-written for the application running over GPRS?

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    RE: moving WAP to GPRS

    Facts about GPRS as a bearer:
    1. Always-on user experience:
    a) No dial in, no modem synchronisation,
    b) logical data pipe can be established at power on, and kept in "stand-by, c) time to get the first page will be blow 10 seconds (even 5 seconds is achievable),
    d) response time for a WAP page during a session will be about 3-4 seconds (without network congestion).

    2. Low radio resource utilization: Downloading a WAP deck requires only about 1 TS second of radio capacity (on a single timeslot about 60 WAP messages can be transferred within one minute).

    3. Low power consumption in terminal during session: Terminal transmits uplink data only when a message needs to be transferred (this is important for long lasting sessions, for instance games).

    4. High user density: Allows simultaneous sessions of many users located at the same premises without excessive consumption of radio network resources.

    Existing WAP services that work over GSM CSD will also work over GPRS. WAP standard was designed in order to allow content to be delivered over any bearer service, there is no need for developers to make changes to their WAP-compliant services or applications. Even when delivery of the services is enabled over GPRS, 3G or any other network.

    GPRS adds significant value and enables new kinds of applications:
    a) GPRS adds end user friendliness; speed + price (e.g. for long lasting games),
    b) GPRS provides instant access (e.g. phonebook query, bus/train schedule query),
    c) idle time doesnt generate costs, low power consumption (e.g. news reading while commuting/travelling)
    d) an application can be used simultaneously by many people in the same building/train/ etc.

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