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    Question helping my symbian server take more CPU usage


    I made a Symbian server doing some heavy calculations that take a long time to complete.
    The server is created as a process with priority EPriorityHigh (the maximum priority allowed for a third-party app).
    Using the tool Y-trace, I see that while the server is running, the CPU usage reaches less than 50% at usage peak.

    Is there any way to increase that CPU usage?

    In the docs from Symbian v9.3 it seems that a protected server can be assigned a higher priority. (I'm still using 9.1 MR SDK, and I get a "feature not supported error" while trying to do so on a 6220-classic). Could that help?



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    Re: helping my symbian server take more CPU usage

    If it is possible, using a Symbian 9.2 device with Energy Profile Tool. And check the CPU last again.
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    Re: helping my symbian server take more CPU usage

    Thanks Paipeng,

    the Nokia Energy Profiler is a very useful tool, and it measures that a sharp CPU peak is actually close to 100%.
    Anyway, it still seems to me that on average there is more CPU time to grab and I'll try to make my server a protected server compiled against SDK v9.3 (unless somebody tells me I'm on a totally wrong way...).


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    Re: helping my symbian server take more CPU usage

    Does your server do anything that would require higher CPU usage?

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