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    Viewfinder size again

    This was already discussed on this board, but the picture still is not clear to me. I'm starting viewfinder with

    iCamera->StartViewFinderBitmapsL( iSize );

    Here is the thing I'm not getting: it seems to me viewfinder size only partially depend on iSize. It only use iSize.iWidth, and returned viewfinder bitmap height is always 3*iSize.iWidth/4, iSize.iHeight notwithstanding. Even in the portrait mode. So I don't see any way to get fullscreen viewfinder in the portrait mode. I can do it in the landscape mode, but in that case I get different placement of options menu.

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    Re: Viewfinder size again

    Absolutely you are correct. It isn't possible to do full-screen viewfinder in portrait mode. The only options to get this effect that I'm aware of are to do the application in landscape but implement your own (appropriately rotated and positioned) UI components (doesn't help with pop-ups from other applications thouh), or get large video frames and crop them to the screen size, then do the YUV->RGB conversion - this is likely to have a significant performance penalty overall.

    Neither option is very good but that's just the way it works at the moment.


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