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    Displaying a bitmap while loading data


    i have a class like

    class CExample : public CCoeControl, MCameraObserver....

    in the method ContructL() i have to load some data. That will take some seconds, so i would like to display an image (a bitmap) on the screen, until the loading is finished.

    (that class is the class that handle drawing on the screen (in the method Draw() i do all the visualization).

    I know how to load and displaying a bitmap within the draw method, but i don't know how that can be done (if it can be done) in the ContructL() method...

    The application consist basically of four classes:

    1] class CExample (that do the real things)
    2] class CApp : public CAknApplication (that create the
    document class)
    3] class CDocument : public CAknDocument
    4] class CUi : public CAknAppUi (that instantiate the CExample class)

    Any advice?

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    Re: Displaying a bitmap while loading data

    -- Lucian

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