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    openc s60 2nd ed. FP3

    Hi, i'm creating an application for my nokia n70, using s60 2nd ed FP3. I like C, so i used library as <stdio.h> <time.h> etc.., and i want to start my application using main() as entry point. In 3rd ed. you must use STATICLIBRARY libcrt0.lib but in 2nd ed i haven't it. Is there a way to use main as entry point in s60 2nd e FP3 ?

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    Re: openc s60 2nd ed. FP3

    Open C doesn't work on 2nd edition platforms.

    On 2nd edition, you can use the older and more limited estlib standard C library implementation. Its headers are in epoc32\include\libc and you should link agains estlib.lib. To get a int main(int, char**) entry point instead of the Symbian OS default int E32Main(void), use STATICLIBRARY ecrt0.lib.


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