Please bear with me on this - I am tired of searching, many frustrating attempts, and!

I have a Nokia 6500 Slide. I want to use a program called MapNav (link) - but every time it wants to read/write (not sure which) to the memory card, it has to ask for my permission.

Now when I'm on the move with a map which can consist of upto 2-8 tiles at a time - you can see why I want to sort the problem out!

So after questioning this on the MapNav forums, they pretty much said they won't be paying for a certificate, and if we want to sign the application then that's upto the end user. Which I think is a very bad way to treat an end user - but it's free, and I'm always up for a challenge!

Now I think I made my own certificate. God knows which method I've used, my brain is fried! But when I transfer the JAD and JAR files to the phone, I get the beloved message "Certificate not on phone or sim". Now this is frustrating me - I can't find a way to do this.

Now what I want to know is this:[list][*]Where can I download a certificate which is already on my phone, at no cost? It seems silly paying paying for something that is sat on my phone, but I can't get at it![*]Under Windows, what's the simplest and least frustrating way to embed the signature into the JAD/JAR files?[*]Assuming I need to do so, how do I install a third party certificate on my Nokia 6500 slide?

If you've any questions that you need me to answer, in order to help you help me, then fire away!

Please bear in mind that I am not at all clued up on Java for mobile phones, if at all - so try to be clear in how I do things.