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    Symbian + the STL


    I know STL isn't really the go with Symbian. However, I needed to port my existing code base to Symbian so I ended up porting a subset of the STL to Symbian. For me, this makes Symbian _much_ easier.

    I guess I am not the only one in this boat and I would prefer not to have to soley support my own version of the STL for this platform.

    Would anyone be interested in co-supporting an open source version of
    Symbian STL?

    Phil Haynes

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    RE: Symbian + the STL


    The Standard Template Library (STL) is a library of containers, iterators and algorithms. I tend to think of the STL in terms of the container classes it provides, with algorithms and iterators necessary to make these containers useful. By segregating these roles, the STL becomes a powerful library--containers can store any kind of data and algorithms can use iterators to traverse the containers.

    There are about half a dozen STL implementations. Since the STL relies so heavily on templates, these implementations tend to inline all of their method definitions. Thus, there are no precompiled STL libraries, and as an added bonus, you're guaranteed to get the source code to your STL implementation. I greatly appreciate your attempt at bringing together our developer community to co-support an open-source of Symbian STL.

    It is widely known that the STL can be implemented with complex C++ constructs and is a certain workout for any C++ compiler. The best policy for choosing an STL is to use a modern compiler such as GCC 2.95 or to use the STL that your vendor may have provided as part of their compiler.

    Unfortunately, using the STL is pretty much an `all or nothing' proposition. If it is not available on a particular system, there are no viable alternatives. There is a macro in the Autoconf macro archive that can test for a working STL.

    Consider Arrays in C++. The main disadvantage of using C++ arrays is that there is no automatic checking of index values. For this reason, and to support more complex containers, C++ has evolved the Standard Template Library (STL). Symbian OS does not use STL, but provides its own range of efficient container classes, for fixed, dynamic, and associative arrays.

    Please continue to post your efforts in this forum regarding Symbian STL. We strongly encourage your contribution to this forum on such topics.

    Thanks you,

    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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