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    Unhappy Registering S60 emulator to SIP Server

    hi all...

    i was trying to register my S60 emulator with Asterisk server which runs on my own system. I have checked the SIP Settings thoroughly and they seem to be fine. but the emulator didnot register an the message was 'Not registered'. my system is connected to campus network through WLAN. If i run the Asterisk server on a friend's system and try to register, i m able to register successfully..

    please tell me the reason for such a behaviour...
    I have windows Vista Home Basic as my OS...

    Thanks in advance....

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    Re: Registering S60 emulator to SIP Server


    this can be caused by many things, which are not always easy to fix.

    1/ Emulator IP configuration
    2/ SIP emulator configuration
    3/ SIP stack file logs
    4/ Network traces
    5/ NAT could cause serious problems to SIP - there will be surely some.


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