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    Thumbs up How to sign a .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate!!!

    Dear All,

    i used the below link content to create a self-sign certificate..


    its in the 3rd edition ...

    but i want to create a self sign certificate in second edition .. is it possible in second edition?

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    Re: How to sign a .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate!!!

    Why would you need one for second edition ?
    in 2nd edition the signing is not mandatory.

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    Re: How to sign a .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate!!!

    Actually S60 2nd ed. SDK-s (or at least some of them) contain an example about signing. I can not check it now, but it is probably in Examples\ToolsAndUtilities, or something similar (since the complete example is about signing, it contains the compiled .app file, so searching for *.app in Examples or S[eries]60Ex can help in locating it).

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    Re: How to sign a .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate!!!


    the example mentioned above is called "install". Check also your 8.0a FP2 SDK for this)

    Developer Library » Tools and Utilities » Installation guide » How to create a private key and self signed certificate



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