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    Cannot execute file due to security reasons using RSockets


    I have an application which is trying to use the RSocketServ and the RSocket classes to establish a socket connection. The code compiles properly on the emulator. However, when installed on the phone it gives a "Cannot execute file due to security reasons" error. I understand I probably am missing out on certain capabilities. I have added the ReadUserData, WriteUserData, ReadDeviceData, WriteDeviceData and NetworkServices capabilities.
    Some help on this would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Cannot execute file due to security reasons using RSockets

    Can you find out which line of code gives the error ?

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    Re: Cannot execute file due to security reasons using RSockets

    It also matters what kind of socket you use. Bluetooth requires LocalServices for example.
    In fact what you are asking is not about missing capabilities, but about signing. Read/WriteDeviceData capbilities can not be granted by the user, thus you can not have them with self-signing (so it is not a particular line which fails for you, but the device refuses to execute your application). Check Open-Signed Online on www.symbiansigned.com (if you are already there, get and read the guide from the start page).

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