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    Talking How can i draw a image?

    How can i draw a image?
    I don't know how to add the picture to my project, and how can i
    invoke the "CFbsBitmap::Load()" method.
    Some books(old book) said that before use the picture we must make a mdg file,right?
    I use carbide IDE.
    Help me,
    I'm green-hand.very thanks!

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    Re: How can i draw a image?

    there has 2 way use image.
    1. image in mbg, it is generate by built.
    in mmp, like

    START BITMAP IMall.mbm
    TARGETPATH \system\apps\IMall
    SOURCEPATH ..\bmp_240x320
    source c12 version.bmp

    and when you use
    CFbsBitmap* iImage = CEikonEnv::Static()->CreateBitmapL( KIMallUIPictureFileName, EMbmImallVersion);

    2. you can driect generate from file.

    CImageDecoder* decoder = NULL;
    TRAP(err, decoder = CImageDecoder::FileNewL(CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession(),
    fname, mime, CImageDecoder::EOptionAlwaysThread));
    if ( err != KErrNone ) {

    aImage = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
    aMask = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
    aImage->Create(decoder->FrameInfo().iOverallSizeInPixels, decoder->FrameInfo().iFrameDisplayMode);
    aMask->Create(decoder->FrameInfo().iOverallSizeInPixels, EGray256);

    TRequestStatus aStatus = KRequestPending;
    TRAPD(err1, decoder->Convert(&aStatus, *aImage, *aMask));
    delete decoder;
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    Re: How can i draw a image?

    you also can use bmconv to manually construct the required mbm & mbg files in command line, or put the line in a bat file to be able to re-fresh the files with double click.

    Also you could check CFbsBitmap API documentation, and use the class directly.

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