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    Vodafone 720 Calendar problem


    I have been tried to access method

    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

    but it returns "null" value in cal object.

    I am working in Vodafone 720 and my location is Hyderabad,India.

    Can anyone tell me what's the problem is ?


    Amit Yadav

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    Re: Vodafone 720 Calendar problem

    Hi Amit,

    check if the issue reported on these thread (with negative timezones) is related to yours:



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    Hello Pit,
    The link provided by you would be work for me. I got the solution, I understood the problem with time zone and I simply
    changed the time zone of my device and it would work. Initially
    device time zone is set to Bombay, New Delhi which I changed to USA Pacific and it works.

    Thanks a lot for helping me!


    Amit Yadav

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