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Thread: 7650 PC Suite

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    7650 PC Suite

    Not sure where this should go, but I'll put it here.

    I want to install the 7650 PC Suite, but I have XP and it tells me that it is not tested with this OS.

    1) Is there an XP version available

    2) Are there any problems using the version that I have with XP?

    3) It says I need IR or BlueTooth to connect it to PC - is there really no simple data cable?

    4) How much will PC IR or Bluetooth cost me, roughly?



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    RE: 7650 PC Suite

    1) No
    2) -
    3) connection methods for Nokia 7650 are infrared and Bluetooth, no cable
    4) Bluetooth units appr. 100-200 $ (?)

    For further information on the PC Suite for Nokia 7650, please visit:

    Forum Nokia

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