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    Exclamation Getting RxLevel, RxQuality,Timing Advance Zero

    I m developing an application for windows mobile
    and i am using RIL class and GetCellTowerInfo(), for getting the CellID,LAC,MCC,MNC,RxLevel,RxQuality, Timing Advance, i am getting Correct values for CellID, LAC,MCC, MNC. but i am getting zero for RxLevel, RxQuality, Timing Advance...
    can anyone help me why i am getting zero for these. if am wrong then what i have to do for the correct values for RxLevel, RxQuality, Timing Advance...

    Thanks in Advance
    Mobile Developer

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    Re: Getting RxLevel, RxQuality,Timing Advance Zero

    I have experienced the same thing and what I can tell you is that this functionality does not behave equally among all the Windows Mobile devices, in some devices the RIL_GetCellTowerInfo call does not provide all the information you need.

    In some cases the RxLevel and RxQuality can only be retrieved during a call. And it seems that in some devices this information is never available. I am not sure but I think it happens due firmware bugs or some restriction enforced on the platform by the manufacturer.

    I recommend you checking the dwParams that you receive back from the RIL_GetCellTowerInfo call to determine the availability of the values you are looking for. In your case you should expect the RIL_PARAM_CTI_RXLEVEL, RIL_PARAM_CTI_RXQUALITY and RIL_PARAM_CTI_TIMINGADVANCE bits from the dwParams to be active.

    Good luck!
    David Jose Momenso

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    Angry Re: Getting RxLevel, RxQuality,Timing Advance Zero


    I am new to j2me development.I want to develope a LBS application.
    As some of you mention to get LAC & cell_Id through RIL class.
    I want to develope it through j2me class.so if some body haive any idea then please reply me how to develope it & what are the api i need for that.

    Another doubt is whether can i use RIL class in my j2me application to develope LBS application or not?

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