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    GPS stops after 10min

    I have a simple application which fetching position from internal GPS receiver on my N95. It all works fine for ~10 min, after that it just stops, is not returning anything,
    if i start native "GPS Data" app i see "No connection" message! All i have to do is to restart my app, once it is done all works fine again GPS data shows correct results!
    Any idea what is wrong here?

    thanks for you help!

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    Re: GPS stops after 10min

    This behavior was observed on a 3rd party app connecting to an external GPS receiver. Its best understood as sleep mode although for no ostensible reason. In my case, restarting the app was not required but addressed by simply moving up one level in the menu.

    In your case, I would look at:
    1) handset bluetooth settings
    2) GPS receiver signal strength variations over time


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