I am a complete newbie and entering the world of Mobile Applications for the first time. Currently, we (my company) are trying to develop a Mobile application that would enable us to access certain cellular network provider applications residing in the SIM card for automating a function. Normally, the way to do this is to access to browse the SIM menu (using the phone navigation buttons) and choose the appropriate menu option. What I would like to do is create a Mobile application that will automate this process.

From what I know this can be achieved by issuing APDU command from the Mobile to the SIM. I would really appreciate if anyone can respond to these questions:

1. Is is neccesaary that the SIM application is a Java application?

2. If this is correct, can we access the application through SATSA API given that our own application is signed by operator and the APDU commands are on the Access Control List? If this is not possible, what are the other requirements?

3. If the application is not in Java, how can we access the application?

Also,please note, that we are working in collaboration with the network provider...so any suggestions how to achieve the above easily would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks to those who can respond.