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    create app package

    I installed jbuilder7, the mobileset3, and the nokia dev suite for J2ME. I am at the beginning with java. I did the first lesson from the borland tutorial, a simple helloworld app that show a message in a window. I compiled and run it. all works fine but when I try to package it in a jad file using the nokia tool I always have the generate button not enabled.
    I don't know why and so I can't go on.
    a strange thing is that the "MIDlets" tab is empty but all the project's classes are in the "other classes" tab.
    hope someone can help me.

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    RE: create app package


    Do you have any class inherit javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet, which provides the application structure for a MIDlet? If you have such a class, you should find it under the "MIDlets" interleaf.

    The basic steps for creating a MIDlet,

    1. create a new project from File -> New Project, choose a proper JDK for your project. If you want to use Nokia emulators to test your MIDlets, you should configue the JDKs under Tools -> Configure JDk.

    2. create a MIDlet for your project, File -> New... -> Micro -> MIDlet.

    3. edit the source codes for your MIDlet, compile and run it using the JDk you specified when you created the project.

    4. Package MIdlet into JAR and create JAD, which can be done either by Nokia Developers' Suite or JBuilder -> Wizards -> Archive Builder.


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