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    Browser control API: how to modify link


    I'm developing symbian S60 3rd FP2 application that uses Browser Control API to browse web pages. I have a need to add small string to URL (or header) when I open some links.

    The use case is: There is a page with a form to submit a file. I can attach a file by using file-browser to the form. Then I can press submit-button to send the file to server. But before the file is sent I need to modify the message. The change could be created i.e. by modifying called URL or creating new line to HTTP-header. Is this possible?

    I can get content of one kind of user's load request by using MBrCtlLinkResolver, but I cannot make any changes to load request (or I don't know how).

    Can anyone help me to find a solution to my problem? I tried to look SDK's help and search solution from web, but found nothing.

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    Re: Browser control API: how to modify link

    Ok, I found out that Browser Control API send files by using HTTP Post, and the manual says that it is not possible to control POST-messages.
    The another solution to add string to header seems to be impossible, because the application should support models that uses 3rd FP1, and in those models there was a bug that prevents using your own headers http://lists.macosforge.org/pipermai...il/034899.html.

    If anyone have any kind of solution to my problem, please let me know?

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