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    Sensor framework on SDK 3 FP2....how?

    Hi There,

    I'm trying to get the sensor framework to work on my N96.
    I'm using Carbide and SDK 3 FP2, which it supposedly was backported to. (?)

    the SDK doesnt contain any header files indicating the sensor framework is present.

    the source in the example zip (SensorExample_50.zip) therefore doesn't build.

    Anybody know how i can get this to work?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Sensor framework on SDK 3 FP2....how?

    Backported means in fact that something was added to the S50 3rd Edition FP2 that did not exist there then the product as such was designed/created. So, do not expect to find the needed APIs in the SDK but do expect to see the functionality on some 3.2 phones.

    As for building the application you can use the S60 5th Edition SDK and the application will work as long as you do not use any other APIs introduced in S60 5th Edition as they have not been backported.
    -- Lucian

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