Hi everybody!
I really hope there's someone who can help me!!!
I'd like to edit the .sis package that Carbide creates in order to add to it one or two .txt files.
I woudn't like to use any external apps like SisWare or such things.
I'd like to know if the .pkg file is editable from Carbide. It seems so to me, but in the end any changes are ignored.
I tried many times and it seems not editable, even if I add the following:
"first.txt"-"!:\system\first.txt", FT, TC
"second.txt"-"!:\system\second.txt", FT, TC
Once saved, I think that all goes right, but... no!
To sum a bit of it of my question: is there a way to make Carbide read the modified .pkg instead of the original one? I'd like to edit the .pkg file in order to add visible .txt files during installation.

ps: I really hope you understand what I mean. If not so, sorry for my English! ;-)