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    Want to show the update screen

    I am still learning java me. I want to know one thing. In my app, I want to show the screen like 'Messaging' screen, at there they show how many messages are unread. My app is like the sms Messaging. I have inbox, out box, drafts, and senditemsl(to show the first screen I use List when user choose inbox, the screen will show the inbox screen ).Example for inbox, I store the data(message) in the record store. When I retrieve the data from the record store. I passed the data with vector and show the data on the inbox screen.

    Now I want to know is on the first screen(main screen with inbox, outbox.....) , I want to show is the same as Messaging screen, there has on icon, one big text(ex,Inbox) and small text(number of unread). What method should I use to appear like that?

    Now I use the List to show the first screen(main screen). There can use only one icon and one big text. If I use one big text and another text, the another text is not appeared(it show only many dot). I want to show the same as sms messaging 's main screen.

    Please give me some advise and what should I use to create the screen as the messaging main screen.

    Thanks you for every thing
    PS. Please forgive me for my poor English
    still learning

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    Re: Want to show the update screen

    You can also create custom control by extending inbuilt control. Why do not you just giving this information at the starting of the application. Is it necesary to do same as inbuilt application ? If it does not meet your requirement then you may have to go for custom control.

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    Re: Want to show the update screen

    Hi honest_sucess,
    Thanks you for your reply. I will try with custom control. Yes,it is necessary to do the same same as inbuilt application(it is the same as sms) because I am trying to do like the inbuilt sms application.

    Thanks you again

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