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Thread: Tough question

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    Tough question

    hi all,

    having a really tough question plz help with ur suggestions
    how can i get correct timezone value without using

    1.getRawOffset() which return a long value works fine but for some device like n72,e60 (there might be more devices) does not return correct value
    if time zone is GMT+5:30 value returned by this method should be 19800000
    but it returns value 18000000 which nothing but GMT+5;

    2.latitude and longitude should not be the alternative which will create some kind of complications and dependency on the operator

    so all experts help me resolving this problem

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    Re: Tough question

    All forum nokia experts and moderators this is a serious issue found on n72 and e61 please help me in finding solution for this problem

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    Re: Tough question

    My best advice will not make you happy.

    I suggest you design your application so that it does rely on knowing the timezone. Many low-end devices do not know what timezone they are in. Timezone support in Symbian (as you are discovering) can be a bit ropey. The 6600, if I recall correctly, does not believe there is any land west of Greenwich...

    Or... add a timezone setting to the application.

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    Re: Tough question

    im doing all this just display correct time on device which im not getting correct on n72 and e60

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