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Thread: clock alarm

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    clock alarm


    I'd like to write a program that for example will start and play a sound at specified time.
    Could you write how to make a program starting at specified time?
    I don't want to make my application running all the time and check time every second
    ( 1) batery!, 2) program is always visible in taskmenu )

    Is there a server of time or sth like that, where I can register my application to run at specified time or do I have to write my own server?
    In what way was original N7650 alarm clock or calendar's events developed?
    (I think that my implementation should be very close to these programs)
    Can you post an example code?

    thanks in advance,

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    RE: clock alarm

    One approach would be to implement a daemon-like server (an application without GUI) that observes the Timers.


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