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    path to default permanent memory

    Hello All,
    I know that there is a possibility to get the path to the memory card using:
    Is there a possibility to get the same way a path to the permanent memory disk? Or maybe, a permanent memory disk is always signed with "c" on Nokias and the path will always be "file:///c:/". Please give some suggestions

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    Re: path to default permanent memory

    I think it's safe to consider C as the phone memory drive. I don't think there is any Nokia phone (or any other mobile phone for that matter) that has its memory called something else.
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    Re: path to default permanent memory

    maybe this helps


    Check out security restrictions when accessing like "file:///c:/".

    What phone are you using?

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    Re: path to default permanent memory

    Thanks for the responses. I use 5220 Xpressmusic. I suppose that there will be no problem with accessing permanent memory cause, I've already done it. I only need my application to be portable.

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