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    CFbsBitmap making a copy

    I have got bitmap in CFbsBitmap object(lets call it myBitmap.

    How can i create second bitmap (also CFbsBitmap) which will be exactly the same as myBitmap.

    In easiest word i would like to do something like this:

    CFbsBitmap* myCopyBitmap = myBitmap;
    // ofcourse i know that CFbsBitmap dont have operator =

    thanks in advance


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    Re: CFbsBitmap making a copy

    The simplest way is the usual method you would use for double buffering: CFbsBitmap -> CFbsBitmapDevice -> CFbsBitGc, then BitBlt or DrawBitmap.
    If it does not sound familiar search for "off-screen" (include the quotation marks in order to get fewer results) in the SDK Help, and read the "How to".

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