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    How Do I switch Off the Polyphonic Ringtone Function?

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me. I have a 3510 and I enjoy the functionality of the phone ( Organiser etc) , but I really can't stand the polyphonic ringtones. I have downloaded mono-ringtones but they still sound polyphonic. Basically I want it to sound like a 3330. How can I rectify this? I have called the service provider's helpline here in South Africa they can't seem to help me and it resulted in alot of frustration on my side. If a polyphonic speaker can play polyphonic ringtones, surely it can play ringtones that will make it sound "normal" or at least like a 3330. Please reply with suggestions. Kindest regards and Thank you.

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    RE: How Do I switch Off the Polyphonic Ringtone Function?


    You can't swich of the polyphonic tones, all you can do is use some monophonic tone as a ring tone. Sound might me different than you previously had...

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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