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    Question File Path problem

    Dear Gens,

    i'm having a problem and need your help
    i am downloading some data files in my pkg for later use by the application.

    the problem is that it works well on the device but i don't know how to make it work on emulator since it seems to not be able to locate the file.

    the code for defining the file path
    #ifdef __WINS__
    the code for opening the file
    when i debug this code the application will not enter into the if statement
    	if (aFile.Open(aFs, iDocument.AddPath(KCompanyFile), EFileRead) == KErrNone)
    		TFileText ft;
    here is what i wrote in the pkg file
    "C:\AppName\category.txt"	-"!:\private\07C2F442\category.txt"
    i don't know the way that will make the emulator see my file as the on device application did.

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    Re: File Path problem


    if you want to acess the file "c:\\AppName\\category.txt" on the emulator you have to create the file first in your SDK in the following sub-path: "\epoc32\winscw\c\AppName\category.txt".

    I do not know what is content of the "iDocument" variable, but following code will work:

    if (aFile.Open(aFs, KCompanyFile, EFileRead) == KErrNone)

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