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    Smile rococo with netbeans

    Hi all;
    we need to connect rococo emulator with java netbeans
    Is it available??
    if so how to make this connection????
    thanks in advance

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    Re: rococo with netbeans

    Here is a tutorial that might help:

    Found it by searching with Google for "rococo netbeans"

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    Re: rococo with netbeans

    This tutorial is for linux, but i am using windows. is there a method to make the connection under windows? and how?

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    Re: rococo with netbeans

    I know only how to simulate your application in rococo.
    1- create a batch file ( file with extension "bat" ex: myFile.bat )
    2- write in it the following ( using notepad or other text editor )

    @echo off

    set CLASSPATH=
    set CLASSPATH="$Rococo$\ImprontoSimulator\lib\isim_j2se.jar";%CLASSPATH%
    set CLASSPATH="$Rococo$\ImprontoSimulator\lib\me4se.jar";%CLASSPATH%
    set CLASSPATH="$Rococo$\ImprontoSimulator\lib\log4j.jar";%CLASSPATH%
    set CLASSPATH="$Rococo$\ImprontoSimulator\lib\aspectjrt.jar";%CLASSPATH%
    set CLASSPATH="$myApplicationJarFile$.jar";%CLASSPATH%

    java -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dlog4j.configuration="file:///$Rococo$\ImprontoSimulator\config\log4j.properties" org.me4se.MIDletRunner $myClassToRun$

    3- In this batch file ,replace:
    $Rococo$ with Rococo 's directory path
    $myApplicationJarFile$ with the jar file name of the mobile application
    $myClassToRun$ with the MIDlet class name

    4- Run the simulator.
    5- Run the batch file and notice the device is added in the simulator.
    Note: the code in the application should try to make a bluetooth connection to appear in the simulator.

    I don't know how to integrate this with netbeans.

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