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    9210 internet access/email

    i am about to purchase a 9210 because i think it can give me up to 56Kbps on an internet connection through HSCSD. Is this connection through standard WAP dial-up or is it GPRS, if it is GPRS i need an additional tariff from my network provider. Also, can i receive e-mail when i am not connected, or do i have to dial-up every 10mins to check my inbox? Will i be able to download a trading platform onto the desktop, it is not JAVA based. I know these are basic questions but i do not want to purchase something that may be no use to me, any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: 9210 internet access/email


    Nokia 9210 Communicator is not a GPRS device so you need to use CSD/HSCSD for connection. For more detailed information about the Nokia 9210 Communicator, please see Product support pages at (Forum) Nokia web site or turn to your local Nokia dealer.

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