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    [moved] dialing & listening, threads

    can you help me with simple question?

    I want to develop an application for dialing and answering data calls (using etel api).

    Do I need two separate threads for this? One thread for listening and other for dialing?

    Because I don't know how can I use two CActive objects (two async requests) in one thread at same time...


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    Re: [moved] dialing & listening, threads

    There's no problem in having multiple active objects active in one thread, in fact they are intended to be used that way.

    Your problems are originating from other areas:
    - ETel API is deprecated in S60 3rd Edition and the replacement, the ETel3rdParty API, does not provide CS data call support
    - even if you use the ETel API you will run into problems and there are known incompatibilities between the phones and some network configurations
    - Symbian's recommendation is that developers migrate their CS data call apps towards packet data usage.
    -- Lucian

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