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    Where to get .KEY and .CER files?

    Dear friends,

    I bought a Publisher Id from trustcenter.de some days ago;

    Where/how to I obtain the .key and .cer files required for signing applications?

    After issuing the necessary documents, I received a message from Trustcenter telling me that I got my Pub ID, but I got no file...

    Please, somebody help me..


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    Re: Publisher id, where is??

    but... please... where/what is "tcp12p8" ??

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    Re: Publisher id, where is??

    Well, the search engine has some problems but you can still find something like Using TC TrustCenter Publisher ID in the wiki
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Where to get .KEY and .CER files?

    You can download the tool from the Symbian wiki
    Download Symbian OS now! [url]http://developer.symbian.org[/url]

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