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    Post How to Run the Qt example ?


    I must confess that I am new to symbian but not to Qt code..
    after setting up the env i.e Qt for S60 and building the Qt example for both device as well as for emulator.. How do I get to see the output in emulator\device...

    To build for the emu
    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build winscw udeb

    To build for the device
    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build gcce udeb

    now What ?

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    Re: How to Run the Qt example ?


    if you environment is relly well configured and the compiling was succesful then the application will be visible on the same place native S60 application are - in the "Installed" or "App." or similar folder on the emulator - the emulator can be started directly from the Carbide or by typing "epoc" on the command line


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