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    Customized HTTP header ???

    Hi all,

    In my application, I need to add extra fields (other than standard header fields) in the HTTP header while sending the request.

    How can I create customized header in HTTP 1.0?
    I need to send a particular string which has to be in the header.

    Please respond, its urgent.


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    Re: Customized HTTP header ???

    Note that string pools dynamically extend themselves whenever you try to "open" a string which does not exist. So you can "open" your own header from RHTTPSession::StringPool for example.

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    Exclamation Re: Customized HTTP header ???

    Hi wizard_hu_,

    Thanks for help.

    But can you please explain it in detail? How do I append extra string in the header even if I open it using StringPool?

    I mean, I need to use SetFieldL method of RHTTPHeaders to set any field in header, right?

    So how can I append my own string (when there is no standard header field for it in HTTP) ?

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    Re: Customized HTTP header ???

    Let us assume that you have checked the "HTTPExampleClient" in the SDK.
    The first occurence of setfieldl in httpexampleclient.cpp is the following:
    hdr.SetFieldL(iSess.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EContentType,RHTTPSession::GetTable()), contType);
    the first argument of SetFieldL is an RStringF, so the nice little "iSess.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EContentType,RHTTPSession::GetTable())" part is about getting an "existing" string from the string table.
    the second argument is a THTTPHdrVal, and if you check that class, it can be constructed 5 ways:
    - THTTPHdrVal();
    - THTTPHdrVal(TInt aIntVal);
    - THTTPHdrVal(RStringF aStrVal);
    - THTTPHdrVal(RString aStrVal);
    - THTTPHdrVal(TDateTime aDateVal);
    So if a THTTPHdrVal happens to contain a string (and the usual values for Content-Type are all strings, like "text/plain", or anything else), it has to be still constructed using a RString/F.
    Indeed, if we extend the scope of the quotation, there will suddenly appear that "Open" I have mentioned in my previous post:
    // Content type header
    TBuf8<KMaxContentTypeSize> contTypeBuf;
    RStringF contTypeStr = iSess.StringPool().OpenFStringL(contTypeBuf);
    THTTPHdrVal contType(contTypeStr);
    hdr.SetFieldL(iSess.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EContentType,RHTTPSession::GetTable()), contType);
    Where "TBuf8<KMaxContentTypeSize> contTypeBuf" is obviously a descriptor, and "RStringF contTypeStr = iSess.StringPool().OpenFStringL(contTypeBuf);" is an RStringF, containing it.

    So if you want to set the famous Turtle:black HTTP header, you could use
    RStringF turtleStr = iSess.StringPool().OpenFStringL(KTurtle);
    RStringF blackStr = iSess.StringPool().OpenFStringL(KBlack);
    THTTPHdrVal blackVal(blackStr);
    Since SetFieldL may leave, it would be safer to use CleanupClosePushL-s, but the snippet is more readable (and resembles more to the original example) in this form.

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    Re: Customized HTTP header ???


    got it now...

    thanks a lot for this..

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