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    problems with menu


    I have a canvas (not fullscreen) and I added some commands to it.
    All commands are SCREEN type and have the same priority code (1), except for one command that I want to show separated (named "C1") that I gave priority 0.

    Well, in sony ericsson's devices that works as I wanted: it shows to softbuttons, one with the command "C1" and the other with a MENU that shows the other commands.

    But in nokia devices it groups all commands in a single menu, I can only use one softkey.

    am I doing something wrong? or nokia just doesn't mapp SCREEN commands that way?

    How could I fix it?


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    Re: problems with menu

    There is no guarantee how any given device will allocate Commands to softkeys or menus.

    Priority is of limited use. If you want Commands to appear on different keys, you have more chance if you give them different types. Again, there are no rules about what Command types go where.

    On Nokias, "positive" commands (OK) tend to go on the left, negative (CANCEL, BACK, EXIT) tend to go on the right. Of course, OK commands might go on the dpad centre.

    Watch out with Sony Ericssons, as some Command types get bound to the "back" key, and not to a softkey.

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    Do you have the WTK documentation provided by sun.You must be having it..just go to..this and check that.what it says..
    The application uses the priority value to describe the importance of this command relative to other commands on the same screen. Priority values are integers, where a lower number indicates greater importance. The actual values are chosen by the application. A priority value of one might indicate the most important command, priority values of two, three, four, and so on indicate commands of lesser importance.

    Typically, the implementation first chooses the placement of a command based on the type of command and then places similar commands based on a priority order. This could mean that the command with the highest priority is placed so that user can trigger it directly and that commands with lower priority are placed on a menu. It is not an error for there to be commands on the same screen with the same priorities and types. If this occurs, the implementation will choose the order in which they are presented.
    You will be having the quick and correct idea..
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