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    [moved] TRK - I can't debug my project.

    Dear friends,

    After configuring my application for Debug (TRK, Nokia N95, Carbide.c++), I run it (debug mode).

    If I enable 'Location' capability, I can't run the app (debug mode).

    The device gives me the following message:

    Required application access not granted
    I have a Publisher ID, but I think I am not using it correctly.

    When I sign my application with my Publisher ID (Project Properties -> SIS properties page, Carbide.c++),
    I get another error message:

    Certificate error. Contact the application supplier.
    Can anyone help me?


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    Re: TRK - I can't debug my project.

    The PublisheID cannot be used to sign applications. You use it only to identify yourself when asking services from Symbian Signed (e.g. when asking for the developer certificate which you need for application signing)

    PublisherID = Passport
    Developer Certificate = Visa

    In order for you application to enter a phone it might require a "Visa" (otherwise you can simply state your name and enter - self-signed). You can get the "Visa" from Symbian Signed but they only give them to those having a valid "Passport".

    The passport alone will never get you pass the border so don't try to use it as such. Always have a proper visa that gives you access to that country only (IMEI list) and allows you a certain set of activities (capabilities) but will most likely not allow you to get a job there (no TCB, no AllFiles ...).

    Is this clear enough?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: TRK - I can't debug my project.

    Very thanks, Lucian.

    You were perfect in your help..

    Best regards,


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