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Thread: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    I have a 3510i and I would like to compose my own polyfonic ringtones and create my own logos and wallpapers etc for me and my friends...
    How do I do this? Do I have to setup a WAP-site? And how do I make the content appear on my phone?
    TIA 4 your answers...

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    RE: Newbie question

    Dear developer,

    1) One of the best ways to create polyphonic ringtones is to do it with 2 parts, first compose ringtone to normal (General) MIDI file using some familiar composer software. After that, this MIDI-file can be coverted for example using Nokia PC Suite 5 (http://www.nokia.com/cda1/0,1080,4848,00.html), which includes for example Nokia Image Converter and Nokia Sound Converter, to convert MIDI-files to SP-MIDI-files (polyphonic ringtones)

    2) Creating wallpapers is quite simple. You just create JPEG and/or GIF-files, which are size 96 x 65 (for wallpapers) and you can use these as wallpapers.

    3) Because you are using Nokia 3510i, you can't use datacable, but you can send polyphonic ringtones and/or wallpapers to your phone via MMS or put those to some server. If you wish to create some kind of "index page" using WML (WAP), then you need www-server with WAP-support (MIME-types), but if you for example are sending bookmarks, which are pointing to file, then ordinary www-server fits your needs. For both uses, there are free hosting services to both, www- and wap-content you can use.

    Hanttila / Forum Nokia

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