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    Question Unicode data in the CBrCtlInterface::LoadDataL() function


    I am wondering how to display unicode data in the browser control when using the LoadDataL() function. Since the second parameter of this function takes a TDesC8 i.e.

    void LoadDataL(const TDesC& aUrl,
    const TDesC8& aData,
    const TDataType& aDataType,
    TUid aCharsetUid);

    and I can't do something like this:

    _LIT(KData, "<html><head><title>Hello</title></head><body><h1>احمد</h1></body></html>");

    TUid uid;
    uid.iUid = KCharacterSetIdentifierUtf8;
    iBrowserControl->LoadDataL(KUrl, KData , dataType, uid); // wont compile.

    it will compile like so:

    _LIT8(KData, "<html><head><title>Hello</title></head><body><h1>احمد</h1></body></html>");

    but then it will show garbage. I dont want to load a file. I want to use the buffer. Any ideas on how to achieve this ?

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    Re: Unicode data in the CBrCtlInterface::LoadDataL() function

    Since 8-bit descriptors are not Unicode, you may want to use UTF-8 encoding. The KCharacterSetIdentifierUtf8 also suggests that.
    CnvUtfConverter can help, like:
    _LIT(KData, "<html><head><title>Hello</title></head><body><h1>احمد</h1></body></html>");
    TUid uid;
    uid.iUid = KCharacterSetIdentifierUtf8;
    HBufC8 *utf8=CnvUtfConverter::ConvertFromUnicodeToUtf8L(KData);
    iBrowserControl->LoadDataL(KUrl, *utf8 , dataType, uid);
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // utf8

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