hi every one!
I am trying to record sound using RecordControl and replay that recorded sound on Nokia N82. It support the audio capture but when I try to listen that sound ,it appeared strange sound, cannot replay proper sound.
If I use the same code and test on the 6500s-1, every thing is ok(I can properly and clearly listen)
Please give me advise what is happening?
And I take the recorded sound from N82 and try to listen on Nokia 6500s-1. I cannot hear any thing from that recorded sound.
Please give me advise!

And another problem is I use the same program and test on E65. It has another problem. That is can record properly but cannot play back on E65(cannot hear anything on E65).
But if I take that recorded sound from E65 and listen on other device, I can hear that recorded sound from E65 clearly and properly.

Please give me instruction !

here is my code

player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio");
recordControl = (RecordControl) player.getControl("RecordControl");
out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

Thanks you ,
With regards
Sweet Sweet 24