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    Math.round in J2me


    In j2me it does not support math as i want to implement this codes it came out error

    public void setFrameRate(float fps) {
    if (fps != 0f) {
    delay = Math.round(100f / fps);

    I google in and found soulution out a Java floating point emulation library for MIDP devices , with that i am able to use the Math in j2me?

    If not any suggestion for me to solve that error?

    Thank in advance =)

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    Re: Math.round in J2me

    Hi i found the solution, but by using MathSupport.round() will it be the same as Math.round() ?

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    Re: Math.round in J2me

    Hi shirodas,

    to have rounding in Java ME you have two choices:

    * use one of the available APIs (like the one you're probably mentioning in your second post): MicroFloat is one of these

    * implement it by your own (you can find many available code samples around, like this)

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: Math.round in J2me

    Round in Java ME, e.g. in J2ME

    The code below is example, method that shows how to
    round a double to n decimals:

    private double round(double num,int numDecim){
    long p=1;
    //next line – calculate pow(10,numDecim)
    for(int i=0;i<numDecim;i++)p*=10;

    return (double)(int)(p*num+0.5)/p;

    You may use double p=1.0; or p*=10.0; instead.

    There are different solutions, bat I hope this can help.

    Ljubisa Cvetic

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