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    Exclamation Audio Streaming in Full Duplex Mode

    Hi All!

    I want to do Audio Streaming. I used CMdaAudioInputStream and CMdaAudioOutputStream for this purpose.
    I did achieve half duplex streaming using these APIs and it works well on device too.
    My next step is to do a Full Duplex streaming. I tried to play recorded stream as soon as I get it. All I am getting is KErrGeneral, KErrInUse KErrServerBusy in callback methods of MMdaAudioInputStreamCallback and MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallback. I observed Kern- ExeC 0 on emulator too. Device(N80) reboots.

    I am using S60 3rd ed MR.

    Can someone give any suggestion or any reference material I should go through for achieving Full Duplex Audio Streaming.

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    Shilpa Kulkarni

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    Re: Audio Streaming in Full Duplex Mode

    This has been asked many, many times - search the discussion board and wiki.

    Actually it should work as long as you don't open both at the same time. If it isn't working for your use case there are also APS and VAS APIs to look at.


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