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    EAP GTC password entry problem

    I'm trying to configure my E71 to use EAP GTC to get onto my company's wireless network.

    Unfortunately the password prompt is unusable as two different program fight for attention on the screen. Basically all I can see is the password prompt and then the display "Connecting" and then back to the password prompt and so on.

    Is there a way to avoid or prevent this contention?

    (And when is Nokia going to add EAP PAP support?)

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    Re: EAP GTC password entry problem

    It is disgusting that 2 years on Nokia hasn't fixed this problem. Do the developers actually do anything at Nokia or just sit around and eat donuts?

    In fact I am starting to wonder if Nokia has a working GTC implementation on any phone since it appears that every Symbian OS build is bugged. I have tried on my Nokia E65 and on a collegues Nokia E51 and neither of these will work. I figured maybe it was that these phones are reletavily old and didn't receive updates anymore (did they ever? I never saw an update on my E65 for the 3 years I have owned it. But recently the helpdesk had someone bring in a newly purchased Nokia XpressMusic with fancy touch screan and apparently running the latest and greatest Symbian 5.0 or something. Guess what, this one doesn't have the same problem, it just doesn't bother asking for a GTC password at all when you connect. Some time later it pops up to say that EAP-GTC requires a password. Click Ok and you get nothing.

    Seriously if Nokia can't build a working EAP-GTC implementation then just drop support for it all together. I'm going to buy an iPhone and very soon official company policy will be that we support Blackberry, Apple, Motarola and possibly Android as soon as they switch on AES Encryption support. Guess what Nokia, you are the largest phone manufacturer that we will NOT BE SUPPORTING. Our CEO and down will be told to not buy Nokia and those who have Nokia's under contract will likely return them for a alternative phone because you are in breach of the Trade Practices Act by not supporting something that your documentation clearly says you do.

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