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    CHM documentation


    is there a tool to convert the Eclipse based documentation for S60 3.2 and 5.0 to CHM files? Or can Nokia provide CHM files?


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    Re: CHM documentation

    I do not know, but for the OS itself you can find downloadable docs on the Symbian site, http://developer.symbian.com (there head to "Doc & Code", then "Symbian Developer Library").

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    Re: CHM documentation

    The SDK documentation is provided as an eclipse plug-in only and the same goes for the Developer Library Releases.

    The plug-ins are however plain zip files including a collection of HTML files, exactly what Microsoft's Help Workshop wants as input in order to create the CHM file.

    Of course it is not as easy as loading the files and converting the archive to another format. The format used by the two help systems for storing the table of contents is different so you have to convert the toc.xml used by Eclipse into a toc.hhc but this is quite an easy job (at first glance, anyway).

    Next issue is the index file but the Eclipse plug-in does not have such feature so there's nothing to convert.

    So, if you're really into it I guess it can be done.
    -- Lucian

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